Breaking Dawn: A New Day

by Rosemary Gooding



Faye’s up before her alarm, awake at 5:30 am. She’s too tired to feel refreshed, but too awake to go back to sleep. Seeing another grey hair in the mirror, she decides to ignore it. She needs coffee to kick-start her day.


As she sips her bitter brew, three words ring in her head: patience, perseverance, persistence. They’ve become her mantra, pushing her to face another busy day and rainy commute.


She takes a moment to count her blessings: a job, good friends, a loving family, a roof overhead, and plenty of food and water. Even if she sometimes wants more, she knows that being grateful is a powerful thing.


Once, Faye dreamed of dancing under bright lights. Now, she’s found a different kind of dance in life, moving from one job to another, getting praise and pay rises along the way.


She’s made her peace with her choices. She’d rather be sitting in a fancy art gallery, dressed up nice, than working on dance routines all day.


Life, to Faye, is all about change and balance, patience, and persistence. It’s about finding the good in every day, even when it’s hard.