Granny’s Veggie Event

by Ellen Doreen Loegering

I love my old Granny; she is just a dear,

But sometimes she says things I don’t like to hear.

“Now eat up those veggies, clean up that plate,

You know it’s those veggies that’ll make you feel great.

Meat and potatoes, now that’s not complete,

Eat up my dear, you are what you eat!”

So I sat and I wondered what she might have meant,

As I watched her serve up “Granny’s Veggie Event.”

Now I have…carrots for eyes, a yellow squash nose, red pepper lips and Brussel sprout toes

 I have…an eggplant shaped body, spaghetti squash feet, large knobby knees made from red knobby beets.

I have…leafy green hair and cauliflower ear and a large orange pumpkin to bring up the rear.

I have celery stalk legs and pearl onion teeth, there’s more on my plate, OH NO, OH GOOD GRIEF!!

But Granny is wise, my limit she knows,

From the top on my head to the tip of my toes.

Then viewing me sideways she picks up my plate,

“I certainly see you are what you ate.”

Then patting my radish and stroking my greens,

She mentioned that maybe I’d gone to extremes.

And nodding she added,  “Just lucky for you,

I just finished making my Vegetable Stew!”