I Gave You Wings

by Ellen Doreen Loegering


When you were just a tiny babe,

I gave you many things,

I gave you love, I gave you warmth,

I gave you teething rings.


I gave you shoes and training bikes,

And books as learning tools,

I dressed you warm, I kissed you soft,

And sent you off to school.


I watched you learn, I watched you grow,

I gave you many things,

Adventures, Elves, and Fairies fair,

And grand imaginings.


I gave you hope, I gave you faith,

I gave you dreams to weave,

I dressed you warm and kissed you soft,

And taught you to believe.


And now you’re grown, you’re on your way,

This is your time to fly.

With open heart I hug you dear,

And kiss you soft good-bye.


With peace and joy I watch you go,

I’ve given many things,

Sturdy feet for stumbling blocks,

But more… I gave you wings.