(for parents young and old)

by Ellen Doreen Loegering

If you delight in shining little treasures,

Embedded in the carpet on the floor.

If the bath becomes the deepest, darkest measure,

Of the ocean and its creatures to explore.


If you can find great magic in the light switch,

To make it day, when it is darkness night,

Or tumble upside down to make the world pitch,

Then jump up straight to make the world aright.


If you can fight your horrid fear of vacuums,

To find the beast just makes a gruesome roar.

Or a blanket draped, becomes a gala costume,

And the closet is a cavern to explore.


If the smell of pot-roast cooking, conjures images,

Of a feast to set before a hungry king.

If bouts with purple dragons are just skirmishes,

And by listening, you can make the teapot sing.


If you can stand in awe amidst the flowers,

And find wonder in the smallest blade of grass,

If you can watch the sunlight dance for hours,

Yet stay untouched by minutes as they pass.


If you can fill each hurried, busy minute,

With sixty seconds full of wondrous fun,

Then yours is a world renewed, rejoice within in it,

For you see life through the eyes of your little one.