I’m Norah Deay, a writer from Wicklow, Ireland. Apart from my dog and the people in my life, I love trees, secret gardens, and old houses. I’ve lived in different places like London, The Hague, New Zealand, and back to Ireland. I write relatable stories with unexpected twists. You can find my short stories, cozy mystery series, and non-fiction books on Amazon. Writing brings me joy, and I hope to entertain and captivate you with my words.

All of these stories started life as prompts in the Writer’s Pen classes. It’s great fun to expand on them afterwards. No words wasted 🙂

A dark green book covered in gold leaf designs
Night sky with man and telescope looking up
Beautiful woman in black evening dress and red stilettos walk strides along a red carpet with a big smile on her face.
A wooden chest with a gold key. Riddle me this A tale of keys and secrets by Norah Deay
writerspen.co short story by norah deay
writerspen.co short story from Norah Deay