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I am a newcomer to the art of writing

Norah’s classes are fun and exciting.

When I started I was in the dark

She soon explained the ‘story arc’

And how we could make a story function

When it relies on sound construction.

And various tips, like ‘Showing not telling,’

Or when we edit, to check our spelling.

How if reading aloud causes a stammer

Then we need to re-assess our grammar.

But it isn’t all serious, so please don’t run,

For “Writer’s Pen” is full of fun,

Supportive classmates meet and chat

Then Norah tells us this and that.

Followed on by juicy prompts

Then across the page our story romps

And when the writing period ends

We can read aloud to our lovely friends

“Oh, I can’t write.” I hear your growling

Whilst comparing yourself to JK Rowling

But banish that thought, and quash that cry

For you never know if you never try.

Book cover for The Greatetst Showman with a west highland terrier by Pam gowing
The Rogue Trader story cover. Beautiful side view of a black horse's head and torso.<br />
. Pam Gowing