The Path to Self-Publishing

Transform Your Manuscript into a Masterpiece

Discover the Journey from Writer to Published Author

Do you dream of seeing your book on a shelf? Whether you’re starting out or looking to update your self-publishing knowledge, this course is your gateway to realising that dream.

Are You One of These Writers?


  • The Novice: You’re sitting on a brilliant book idea or a half-finished manuscript, unsure how to proceed.
  • The Veteran: You’ve self-published before but seek expert guidance to navigate the ever-changing landscape.
  • The Go-Getter: Already published? Keep your skills sharp and updated with the latest industry trends.

From Manuscript to Marketplace

Writing is your passion; publishing shouldn’t be your obstacle. Our students, like Emma, go from confused to confident: “This course turned my shelved manuscript into a published book! The step-by-step guidance was a game-changer.”

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Simplifying Self-Publishing

We know life’s busy. That’s why this course cuts through the complexity, focusing on:


  • Making your unique voice heard.
  • Bringing your story to eager readers.
  • Turning your writing dreams into reality.
  • Inside The Path to Self-Publishing
  • Module Highlights:
  • Prepare Your Book for Publication: Learn the secrets of editing, formatting, and readying your manuscript for the world.
  • Plan Your Book Launch: Discover strategies for a buzz-worthy launch and engage with your audience authentically.
  • Amazon Setup Step-by-Step: Master the art of navigating Amazon’s Kindle and Print platforms.
  • Expand Your Reach: Explore additional platforms and creative promotion techniques to maximise your book’s impact.


Course Objectives & Outcomes


Module 1: Prepare Your Book for Publication

Finishing your book is only the first step—in this lesson, you will learn how to take a manuscript from completion to publication-ready status.

  • Make a list of the most important things to do AFTER you’ve finished writing it
  • You can speed up the process of editing and revising
  • Get help from beta readers who are eager to help you improve your book
  • Getting your MS ready for formatting… across all major platforms
  • Platform and distribution secrets
  • Working with the right contractors and avoiding the pitfalls of “trial and error”

Module 2: Make a Plan for Your Book Launch

Pre-Launch Promotion Strategy Creation Is an Important Aim of This Course.

What you need to do and why you need to do it before you start preparing your website

  • Get ready for launch day on social media in an organic and simple way
  • The best ways to spread the word about self-publishing across the board
  • Your list can be strengthened and expanded more easily than you think!
  • What you need to know about ARCs (advanced review copies) and how they can benefit you
  • Following up with a stress-relieving, sales-boosting strategy that’s fun to implement
  • Reducing your stress and maximising your time by working with the right contractors

Module 3: Amazon Setup Step-by-Step

Create a simple, step-by-step plan for your Amazon Kindle and Print launches.

  • Simple procedures for preparing and uploading your Amazon eBook file
  • The Benefits and Drawbacks of Offering a Print-On-Demand Paperback book
  • What you will require for Amazon Print
    ISBNs are an abbreviation for International Standard Book Numbers (Free ISBNs vs. obtaining your own)
  • How to Make Your Amazon Author Page Stand Out (and when to make it live)
  • Should you publish your book through KDP Select?
  • Avoiding common pitfalls and minefields in order to maximise your Amazon royalties and avoid hidden fees
  • How do you minimise “scope creep” and keep unplanned costs to a minimum when working with contractors?

Module 4: Expand Your Reach Through Additional Publishing Platforms and Promotions

Create a plan to broaden your book’s reach and increase its profits.

  • Comparison of Amazon, Kobo, Smashwords, and Draft2Digital
  • Hidden benefits to each platform are critical to your success on each one
  • Secrets and tips for succeeding on each platform—as well as how to prepare
  • Offline and online promotion strategies that are unique and entertaining—and how to put them into action
  • How using contractors, services, and templates can help you automate the drudgery while actually strengthening your relationship with your readers
  • Create a professional, customised, but tried-and-true self-publishing strategy
  • Reduce your stress, eliminate unnecessary self-publishing tasks, and save time at every step of the way
  • Use shortcuts, tips, and secrets that self-publishing experts have memorised


Upon completing ‘The Path to Self-Publishing’, you’ll be able to:


  • Navigate the Self-Publishing Process: Understand the ins and outs of self-publishing on platforms like Amazon, Kobo, and more.
  • Effectively Launch Your Book: Develop and implement a successful book launch strategy.
  • Create a Marketable Manuscript: Transform your manuscript into a polished, publication-ready book.
  • Build an Author Platform: Establish and grow your presence as an author.




  • A FREE call with Norah to discuss any questions or issues you havc after completing the course (Value €75)


When you publish a book on Amazon you get an ‘Author page’ too.

Making your Amazon Author page work for you is a PDF download to help you  make the most of your author page




10 Steps to Publishing on Kindle


What My Students Say

Hi, World, Norah Deay’s Self-Publishing course reflects how easy it is to actually publish your book by yourself. Engaging short lessons are related in an easy-going understandable manner. No fuss, no muss. Straight-forward reliable information. Great resource

Ann LM Kitching


Coming from traditional publishing, where everything was done for me, this course was eye-opening. It empowered me to successfully self-publish my work with confidence!


Life Coach

The Path to Self-Publishing’ was transformative. It led me smoothly from a rough manuscript to my first published book!


First time novellist


Q: Do I need prior publishing experience to take this course? A: Not at all! This course is designed for both beginners and those with some self-publishing experience. We start with the basics and gradually delve into more advanced topics.

Q: What technical skills are required for the course? A: Basic computer literacy is sufficient. We’ll guide you through any specific technical requirements related to self-publishing platforms.

Q: How long do I have access to the course materials? A: You’ll have lifetime access to the course materials, so you can learn at your own pace and revisit the content whenever needed.




  • Basic Computer Skills: Familiarity with using a computer and accessing the internet is needed.
  • Manuscript or Book Idea: Ideally, you should have a book idea or a manuscript in progress, but it’s not mandatory.
  • Time Commitment: Willingness to dedicate time for learning and applying the course concepts.

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