Hello, busy bees! Are you juggling work, family, and business commitments, and feel you’re running on empty? Well, the daily grind can sometimes be overwhelming, making too much stress an unwelcome guest in our lives. But, before you succumb to the tension, I have a solution for you. I’m the ‘Creativity Ambassador’ for the Nutrition & Lifestyle Community and I’m a great believer in using creativity to reduce stress.

If you believe you’re not creative, think again. Do you cook? do you like gardening? Knitting? Sewing? DIY? You don’t have to be a writer or an artist or any of the traditional understandings of creativity to benefit from its stress-releasing effects.

Woman baking to relieve stress

Creativity and Stress: An Unlikely Match?


First things first: what’s this link between creativity and stress? Well, many studies (I like this one from entrepreneur.com) suggest that engaging in creative pursuits can help lower stress levels. Creativity is about more than just producing art; it’s about expressing ourselves, which can have therapeutic benefits. Whether you’re designing a new business logo, writing a short story, or even baking an apple tart, the creative process can be a form of meditation, helping to quiet the mind and keep stress at bay.

Creativity as a Stress-Buster


Maybe you think that creativity requires too much time, or you must have a unique talent, but that’s not the case. Don’t let the clock dictate your creative outlets. Even the busiest bees can find moments:


Little Creative Moments in the Chaos

  • Morning Pages: Just scribble down whatever’s on your mind for a few minutes every morning. Imagine you’re emptying the clutter from your mental handbag.
  • Cooking & Baking: The rhythm of chopping and stirring, the joy of experimenting with flavours – it’s like culinary yoga!
  • Doodling & Colouring: Got a few moments? Grab a pencil, and let your hand wander.
  • Gardening: It’s a blend of creativity and exercise. Plus, seeing a plant grow is like watching magic unfold.

Music, singing, even tapping your feet, all give that little ‘brain-break’ too.


Creativity for a Balanced Life


Juggling work, business, and family can be a balancing act, but integrating creativity into your routine can make it a more enjoyable ride. It’s about giving yourself permission to take a break, to do something for you. Remember, you don’t have to create a masterpiece; you’re simply looking to reduce your stress levels.


Sometimes stress is good; it gives us a burst of adrenalin when we have an important task to complete or a competition to win. For some of us, it can happen when we have competing priorities.


Yes, stress sometimes lights a fire under us. But when it overstays its welcome, it’s a cue for change. Can’t splatter paint or pen a poem right now? Pledge it to yourself for later. Plan it. Anticipate it. Sometimes, just thinking about a creative outlet can ease the weight of the moment. And bonus – there’s evidence that creativity boosts brain health, combats loneliness, and helps to connect with others.

To Wrap Up…


Creativity isn’t the domain of the beret-wearing elite. It’s in every one of us. So, when the daily rush tries to sweep you off your feet, remember to find that creative spark. It’s not just about fun; it’s a little lifeline in our bustling world. Keep shining, keep creating! ???️