Sweet Kitty

by Ellen Doreen Loegering

 This came from a writing prompt during our group meeting

Emma could always talk to animals.  Short, quick conversations.  Maybe more a “knowing” or understanding really.  She communicated with plants as well, very much the same way.  “We’re thirsty, we’re hot, food please!”


But this morning a whole new chapter in animal communication was about to begin.  Sweet Kitty was laying on the pillow beside her, eyes wide as saucers, paws neatly crossed, staring unblinking at Emma.  Emma stirred and yawned.


“Well, it’s about time you woke up! Do you know what time it is? For God’s sake, Emma it’s almost 7:00 AM.”


“It’s Saturday!” Emma groaned.  Then shut her mouth with an audible snap. Sitting up quickly she frantically scanned the room for the source of the voice. Her full focus fell on Sweet Kitty. There was no other explanation.


“That’s right Sugar,” purred Kitty “And can you pleeeaaassse fix that stupid name?  There is absolutely NOTHING sweet about me,  and I’m long gone over the hill, so Kitty is OUT!”


Emma knew that both those statements were true, but of course would never have said so. More disturbing though, was Sweet Kitty sounded just like her mother. Emma laid back down pushing her head deep into her pillow attempting to block her ears and hoping that this was just the after effects of really cheap wine.