The Most Powerful Woman in the World

by Ellen Doreen Loegering


Alisa held the paintbrush to the canvas. She heard the music playing.  She sneaked a peak at the other art students around her, busily painting, standing back, reviewing, adding color, smiling, or frowning at their progress.


“My God!” she thought, “what in the world could I have been thinking! I can’t do this. I’ve never painted a stroke in my life!”


But there she was, and she better get a move on because time for the session was growing short. Soon they would all have to turn their canvas around and share their work.  She began to perspire although the room was far from hot.  Carefully, ever so slowly she dipped her brush into the brightest red she could find.  She touched the brush to the canvas and as if she had been moved by her Guardian Angel, she made a long red streak across the canvas. 


She! Was! Painting! She smiled from ear to ear. 


Now she picked up a new brush and dipped it into the brightest blue paint.  Boldly she placed another long stroke. SHE WAS PAINTING! In the end as she turned her canvas around, she knew that this was the most beautiful red and blue X she had ever seen.


And at that moment, she felt like the most powerful woman in the world.