The Time Bender & Ringwall Green

by Ellen Doreen Loegering

This came from a writing prompt during our group meeting

“Barney”, Detective Sam Uptown snapped sternly into his radio, “Go around to the left and I’ll go to the right.  We’ll barricade that little creep between us. And be quick about it. On the count of three.”


Barney pulled the collar of his rain-soaked coat up around his neck. Sighing, he smashed his soggy hat down over his eyes. He was cold to the bone, dead tired and had enough of this ridiculous chase. Imagine, thought Barney, a green suited, short person who can disappear at will.  He shuddered.


“3-2-1,” cracked the radio.  Barney took off like a shot. Slipping and sloshing around corners, water up to his knees.  There was no rest to the pounding rain blurring his vision.  In the distance he could just make out Detective Uptown coming up fast.  They were closing in on that little green suited troublemaker.


Ringwall Green began to panic. He needed an escape route.  Frantically he shouted into the Time Bender he had just stolen from the Hall of Science, “Get me out!”


Ha! thought Barney this time


Bang! Detective Sam Uptown and Barney slammed into each other.  Where had the little fellow gone?


Sputtering curse words that would make a sailor blush and picking himself up, Detective Sam yelled at Barney. “You idiot! I almost had him! Then you knocked him out of the way!” Barney stood blinking at Sam.  He was 100% sure that Sam had knocked the little guy out of the way.


“Now we’re in for it, Detective Uptown growled. “We have no idea where he’s gone.


 Looking down from the top of the Science Building, trying not to laugh out loud, Ringwall Green transformed himself into a Gargoyle and remained perfectly still. Now that he had the magical Time Bender, he was unstoppable. He was free to be anything, go anywhere he wanted at any time. But what he had forgotten to steal along with the Time Bender was the Manual. Things for Ringwall Green were about to get exciting.