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Hi! My name is Ellen.  Thanks for stopping by.

 I have always loved writing and in 2013 I published a children’s book “The Adventures in Rainbow’s End, The Lost Wishing Star.”  My little book was made into a CD as a “tell me story.”  I also wrote the poetry for a children’s CD called “Silly Songs and Sweet Lullabies.”

 I have never been known as “A woman of few words,” but writing “The Great American Novel” was never my goal.  I prefer short stories and poetry.

 I live in Rockledge, Florida, USA, with my wonderful husband, Mark.  I have four terrific children and two beautiful and talented grandchildren.

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I learned to drive in the fall and winter of 1995.  That first winter was very difficult. I had lived in California all my life and was truly not prepared for driving on ice and snow, or for wind chill factors of 35 degrees below zero.


On a dark and stormy night in Wyoming we found a safe place to pull off.  As we idled I sat in the drivers seat for a time watching the blizzard rage.  The power was out everywhere so all was still except for the rumbling of our engine.  The rumbling engine afforded us all the power we needed to provide the comforts of home.  We were safe and warm and cozy. As I closed the curtains across the front windshield I had the feeling that I had been watching the world from inside a great dragon.  That is how “Tales From The Belly Of A Red Dragon” was conceived.  I hope you enjoy.


Ellen Doreen Loegering

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